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This list includes the most common questions that are asked through our social networks, email and private messages. Many of them are so frequent that they don’t receive a handful answers and that is why we have made this list. Likewise, here we make clear about our policies regarding various topics and uses of the mod.

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Will you include the (...) content?

Maybe. What is very different is that we have the necessary resources to carry it out in the short term. If it depended on us, we would have all the content of our armed forces in the project, right now. We aren’t a company but a freelance in our spare time and we need to concentrate our efforts in a coordinated manner to carry out what we can and what is most interesting in the MOD. You can see, what we plan in the short-medium-long term (but not decisive or restrictive) in our roadmap.

When will the next update be released?

When It’s done..
Note that for a FFAA MOD version considered to be published must pass several tests, examine and fix those issues identified, aside from finish and develop new content.

I found a bug! What should I do?

For this purpose we have a feedback tracker. Disable all other addons you loaded apart of FFAA MOD, control if bug still exists. If bug/error still exists, then do open a ticket at http://feedback.arma3.es. Please give all relevant data (Not only “XXX Vehicle doesn’t work”). Wait until it gets fixed.
First at all:

  • Check if the issue came from the MOD, and not from other mods / vanilla content. Unload all mods but FFAA MOD and try to reproduce again your issue.
  • Or, by default, check if the issue came from the vanilla content (It's very common that issues of the Arma 3 itself are found through mods/addons).
  • If bug/error still exists, then do open a ticket at our feedback tracker. Register if you didn't it yet.
  • Please, be clear and give all relevant data (Not only “XXX Vehicle doesn’t work”). Such as all steps you did to reproduce the issue in our PC, mods used and wait until it gets fixed.

"Requesting for" related stuff

Permission to modify your MOD

You can perform all the changes (as long as It doesn't need reverse engineering) with one requirement only. Which is have the FFAA MOD as a requirement (dependent, to be exact). In this way original files aren’t modified and also our original files aren’t distributed into remote downloads. Credits for FFAA MOD as original author must be granted in those remote downloads / modification / retexturization, respecting our license.
Remember, if you want use some content of our addon therefore add FFAA MOD as a requirement and do the retexturization/modification you want, without modifiying the original content and not distributing it in other ways (we mean our mod, your generated content is at your own), only our official way is allowed (now much easy with Steam Workshop integration).

Are we able to use only some of the PBOs ?

No, because:

  • Our content depends on each others for a reason, if you use only some of them then expect having issues playing at your risk.
  • Read the previous FAQ point.
  • However you should understand if we allow request like this, in the end, we would have a tons of modified content (which are ours, by the way) by external entities which would take out of our hands. We will not able to control those distributed content and, therefore, it could lead to unspected behaviours (like, reported issues which we really can't fix and the most problematic, generate benefits by doing what they want (once they get this kind of request)).

I want to use your some of your content in my custom MOD

Our content has been developed along many years, this implies that many addons belong to old members of the development team that no longer are “reachable” to get his permission. Moreover, the time that the development team has invested in each of the addons simply can not be “granted” altruistically without getting anything in return, even if we do it “for the love of art”. If you still have something in return we could be interested, Contact us and maybe we can reach at an agreement!.

Are you going to make the FFAA MOD compatible with (...) addon ?

Our mod can be used whithout any extra mod, it only provides mainly new content, and a few features that only affect our content. So there’s nothing in our end that creates incompatibilities with other mods. We unfortunately can’t support every existing addons so there’s nothing we can do in our end, it’s up to other mod teams to add / extend their features to our content. However we always try selflessly they can work together (but remember we won’t do a “heavy” compatibility addon).

Can I use your mod on my server?

Whatever the server is, we accept its use on any server as long as the server is NOT monetized or charge users to play in it as it will generate benefits at the expense of our content and that’s strictly forbidden.

I want to help in the project

Perfect! FFAA MOD Team is always open to new developers. You can send your apply detailing your capabilities / help, if you have experience in ARMA’s saga send us a small portfolio of your previous work.
However, most of the time we are always looking for more artist / developers than collaborators (which can support with information), because even if you can find so much information on the Internet, we have several partners in our armed forces that can help with the information or photos etc.

I would like join in your clan

Our development team isn’t a clan or group itself, if not rather several members of various groups and different clans of the Spanish community, which joined together to form a development team. You can view or introduce yourself at ARMA Spanish Community.